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Savvy Tutorials

These short video tutorials should answer some of your basic questions regarding Savvy Content Manager.  Please feel free to contact us at any time should you need a full demo of our software or to review features not covered here.


New to Version 4.5 Tutorials

Navigation Overview
-New Navigation Functionality in v4.5

Content Object User Rights
-Hide content object from visitor or user

Page Level User Rights
-Password Protecting a Page

Template Level User Rights

Site Wide User Rights

Configure Redirect Page

New Installation

Upgrade to Version 4.5

Move/Rename Page


Full Length

Install, Templates, and Custom Code
-1HR external link


User Management

Add User

Change User Password

Create Group

Content Object User Rights

Template Level User Rights



Navigation Overview (version 4.5)

Add Nav Item (v 4.0)

Navigation Overview (v 4.0)

Add Navigation Sub Menu Item (v 4.0)



Add Calendar Event

Edit Calendar Event



Template Basics

Add Content Object to Template

Add Navigation Object to Template

Add Calendar Object to Template

Add Template to Savvy

Edit/Rebuild Template in Savvy

Template Level User Rights



Add Page

Delete Page

Edit Meta Data


(KTML Editor; Savvy v5 or older)

Add Image

Add Table


Apply Style

Clean Word Markup

Create Email Link

Expire Content

Image Properties

Insert Special Characters

Link to Document

Link to External Page

Link to Inner Page

Make Reusable Content Template

Publish Content

Schedule Publication

Table Operations

Table Properties

Upload an Image

Content Object User Rights