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Savvy Services

Becoming a Savvy Software client is only the beginning. We take pride in the level of quality service and support we provide our clients.

Introducing the Savvy Service Pack

The Savvy Service Pack is a cost savings way for clients to pre-purchase website service time.  Savvy Service Packs can be used for additional training, graphic updates, template changes, and most ordinary service requests.  A Savvy Service Pack includes a six hour block of time for $600.00 each and are valid for services within 24 months of purchase.  Contact us for Service Pack details.

Service Options

At Savvy, it's not just about our software.  We understand that there's more to your web site than just managing your content.  We provide a variety of website services to organizations, including:

SEO Services



We will help you define what your business or organization needs for your Internet presence, find the right tools to meet those needs, implement these tools on your web site, and train you how to make use of them.