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SEO Friendly CMS

Savvy Software has worked hard to ensure that our CMS is search engine friendly.  Here are a few ways we help you present well to your favorite search engines.

  • Editable Title, Keyword and Description unique to each page.
  • Real links in navigation.  Each DHTML navigation element is a real link that search engines can follow.  It is like a site map on every page.  Most CMS's can't make that claim.  View this page's source for an example.
  • Real page names.  Each page in savvy has a real name that you can control.  You can also create as many folders and sub folders as needed to store your pages in a sensible way to both users and search engines.
  • Easily change the text of your site when you need to tweak your keywords.
  • Easily create more pages over time to further refine and focus your message and give more pages for the search engines to index.
  • Use CSS positioning or table structure for your template layout.
  • Easily embed your favorite analytics and measurement software into the templates to monitor your progress.

Content management doesn't mean you have to give up good search engine optimization practices.  Let our cms be another tool in your arsenal.  Not convinced?  Search for 'ColdFusion CMS', 'web content manager' or 'school cms' in google to see how well our site comes up.