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Savvy Flexibility for Large Business

In today's corporate world, flexibility is the most useful feature a software package brings to the table.  When it comes down to the bottom line -  Savvy Software's practical design offers flexible solutions for the savvy business minded.

Use Savvy Content Manager for the CEO's new project idea, to power the main corporate website, or as an intranet for internal communications.  With Savvy's flexible licensing model your business can host one web site or multiple site domains under your corporate umbrella - easily and efficiently for an affordable price.

Savvy CM gives corporate clients a powerful ability to manage their web sites. 
With Savvy you can:

  • Allow users to update the website while keeping control of the look and feel of the site
  • Extend the software to tie into existing systems (LDAP, Active Server, etc.)
  • Build links to back end databases 
  • Track changes at the individual level
  • Limit access to specific areas of the site
  • Use work-flow approval process to control changes
  • Allow users to add tables, files and images
  • Undo changes and page updates or review previous page content
  • Maintain an audit trail of all the changes a user makes to the site
  • Host multiple domains (Savvy Unlimited)
  • Modify original source code (Savvy Unlimited)

Savvy Software is an IT Department's Swiss Army Knife.  Give us a call, and get the savvy tool your tech team needs.