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Licensing of Savvy CM is priced based on your organization's type and specific needs.  Please review the options below.  If you need a solution outside of the options below please contact us for a quote.

All licenses except Savvy CM Hosted are a one-time fee, not an annual cost.

Savvy CM Hosted

Monthly Billing Plan - $119.00 per month plus set-up fee
Annual Billing Plan - $1,188.00 per year ($99.00 per month) plus set-up fee

Corporate / Government

For customers who purchase for their own organization, typically a small business, corporation, municipality, federal government, or association.  A user is defined as someone who can log into Savvy CM and update content.

Single Web Site

Encrypted Source Code
Up to 5 Users
Up to 10 Users
Up to 20 Users
Up to 50 Users
Unlimited Users

Unlimited Web Sites (within one organization)

Unencrypted Source Code
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Servers
Single Company/Organization
  Please contact us for pricing details

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501 (c)(3) / Education

A registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit or educational institution.

20% discount off corporate pricing of software license. (see above)
This does not include other services.

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A reseller is a web development company or individual consultant that will sell multiple copies of Savvy CM to different clients over the course of one year.  A reseller must be accepted into our program, complete our reseller agreement and commit to at least 5 purchases of Savvy CM throughout the year.

Level 1 - Reseller

Savvy Content Manager at a 50% discount from published retail prices
2 support incidents per license purchased - 48 hour response M-F
Encrypted Source Code
Access to Savvy Knowledgebase

Level 2 - Developer - $2,500.00 per year membership

Includes 8 Savvy licenses per year, additional licenses $100.00 each
Unlimited users per license
Encrypted Source Code
10 pre-paid support incidents per year - 24 hour response M-F
Access to Savvy Knowledgebase
Access to Savvy Referral network  

Level 3 - Partner - $5,500.00 per year membership

Unlimited Savvy licenses per year
Unlimited users per license
40 pre-paid support incidents per year - 24 hour response M-F
Direct access to development team
Participation in Savvy Beta development
Unencrypted Source Code*
Ability to Co-Brand Savvy
Access to Savvy Knowledgebase
Access to Savvy Referral network

*All Savvy sites must be encrypted by partner prior to release.

We are exploring offering a level for web hosts on a per server basis but haven't reached a definitive license model as of this time.

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