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Savvy CMS is Ideal for K-12 Schools

Savvy CMS for K-12 school systems gives educators the powerful ability to manage web site updates.  Savvy Content Manager introduces efficiency to the task of managing the content updates necessary for school websites.

Easy for non-technical users

Manage multiple calendar views

Track content changes at the individual user level

Limit or grant permission
to edit specific site areas 

Work-flow approval features
control content publishing 

Design functionality to
create tables, upload files,
and add images

CMS Solutions for Managing School Website

Be it public or private, K-12 school educators face the same website management challenges.  Updating sporting events, transportation schedules, and school lunch menus are just a few of the many areas of information that must be up-to-date for students, parents, faculty, and the community.

Savvy Content Manager allows individual faculty members and content owners the ability to maintain their own sections of a K-12 school website, while the chosen website administrator(s) maintain the overall look and feel.

Is Savvy is the right CMS for your K-12 school website? 

We can set you up with an evaluation website, complete with FTP access, and instructions so that you and other members of your school administration can experience first hand how easy and functional Savvy CMS software is to use.

Take a look at a few K-12 schools using Savvy CMS software, or give us a call at 866.870.6358 for free software demo for your school.