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Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see the answer you're looking for?  Send us a question and we'll get you the answer.  If we hear it enough, we'll add it to our list.

I would like to update our web site design at the same time we convert to Savvy CM.  Do you design web sites?
No, we do not design web sites, but we have several Partners that we refer for web designs.  We would be happy to assist you with your redesign needs.  Please give us a call or email us.

Can I keep my current web site design?
Yes.  Almost any design can be converted for use with Savvy CM.

Do I need to change my current web hosting provider?
Maybe.  Savvy CM uses Adobe ColdFusion on the web server to operate.  Many web host providers offer ColdFusion as part of their service.  We would be happy to discuss the technical requirements directly with your current host provider.  Should you decide to move, we have approved host providers available to serve you.

We're very concerned about optimizing our web site for search engines.  We've heard search engines can have trouble with content management systems.  Does Savvy cause problems for search engines?
Savvy CM has been designed with search engines in mind.  All our pages are named by you, in human readable format.  All new pages have your default meta data inserted, which you can change on each page.  Our dynamic menu system, if used, allows search engines to index your site through your navigation links.

Do I need special software on my PC or MAC to run Savvy CM?
No.  The Savvy CM software resides on the web server.  You access it through a web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape or Firefox.

My school uses Macs.  Will Savvy CM run on a Mac?
Savvy CM runs on Mac OS X.  Not only does it run on a Mac, but it is fully featured on the mac.  Few content managers available can make that claim.

My company is interested in using Savvy CM.  Is it possible for us to test the software?
Please contact us.  We can set up a test version of Savvy CM for trials.

Can I copy and paste from other applications?
Yes.  Text can be directly pasted from any application. Most if not all of the formatting will be transferred. Images are uploaded through our image manager.

Can I use existing custom web site applications side by side with Savvy?
Yes, Savvy CM doesn't preclude other applications to also run on your web site.  You can even include custom code into Savvy CM Professional or Unlimited.

Is Savvy CM a one time fee or is it charged per month/year?
Either.  Savvy CM is designed as a one time purchase product.  Savvy CM Hosted is a subscription-based product.

How long would it take me to update the content on my home page?
Most of our customers can update the information in their site within minutes.  About as long as it takes you to summarize your changes and send that request to your web master, you could have made the updates yourself.

I am a web site graphic designer and thinking of implementing Savvy CM.  Will it be too hard for me to implement?
All you need to know to implement Savvy CM is standard HTML.  Savvy CM is template driven and our templates run off of HTML.  We supply you with a few extra lines of code to insert into the page.  It's that easy.

What if Savvy CM does 95% of what we are looking for, but just not quite everything?
Savvy CM Professional and Unlimited allow for custom code to be integrated into the site quickly and easily.  In addition we can always customize Savvy CM to exactly suit your needs.  Give us a call and let us know your requirements.  Using Savvy CM is a great way to start.

Our company has moved away from using Microsoft Internet Explorer.  Can we still use Savvy CM?
Yes!  We support any Mozilla 1.4 compliant browser.  Netscape, Firefox, etc.

I would like to be able to modify the source code of Savvy CM for a custom installation, is that possible?
Yes, it is possible.  We sell different versions of Savvy CM.  Savvy CM Unlimited is unencrypted code that you may modify to suit your needs.

I would like to re-brand Savvy CM and resell is that possible?
Not at this time.  We are always looking for Partners, but you may not re-brand Savvy CM as your own product.