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Savvy Content Manager has allowed the City of Airdrie to give our departments a sense of ownership for their content on the web site, shifting the responsibility for keeping things current away from the Information Technology department. Since the departments themselves know their content the best, allowing them to keep things current has enabled the IT staff to concentrate on extending site functionality rather than being content police. The extremely easy to use Savvy CM interface makes content updates a snap. Training new staff to make content changes is also very quick and efficient. From an administrative point of view, having final say on publishing content allows me an opportunity to make sure changes adhere to corporate standards and does not break the page layout in a web browser. Savvy CM is an excellent web content manager and the support by the Savvy staff is second to none. I am very happy with our relationship with Savvy!'

Drew Foster
Website Administrator
City of Airdrie

Seacoast Tree Care

Phase 2 Medical Manufacturing, Inc.

Avery Insurance Agency


Johnson Precision


Windham, ME Schools District US

District Court - Eastern District of Michigan

Storm King School, NY

Franklin & Hill School Districts

National Humane Society Federation

Epping, NH School District

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