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Custom Programming

There is a huge amount of third-party software available for web sites today.  When one of our clients comes to us requesting a custom web application, the very first thing we do is gain further insight on their specific needs.

Once we have a solid understanding of the capabilities and functionality necessary, rather then setting out to reinvent the wheel, we take time to research to see if the web application (wheel) already exists.

If another programmer has built a tool that we can license, or modify to suit our client's needs, we will pursue this option both resulting in time and cost savings.  And, if we cannot find an existing solution, we will custom program the specific solution our client needs.

Our custom programming is exclusively web-based.  We develop our custom solutions primarily using Adobe ColdFusion with a database back-end.  If you have business documents prepared, we're happy to provide detailed estimates.  If not, our staff can provide you with consulting services to help you develop your requirements.