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Customer Testimonial

The West Newbury Riding and Driving Club (wnrdc.com) of West Newbury, MA is an all-volunteer equine-oriented organization that runs several popular riding competitions per year, as well as organizes trail maintenance and social events.  The Club also creates a large calendar of all the equine activities in the area that is a resource for hundreds of people.  We had the good fortune to have one of our members donate her services to create our website about 10 years ago.  We relied on her good nature and skills to keep the website updated as best we could, but frequent or complicated upates were simply not reasonable to ask for.  Much of our information is time sensitive so we relied on the US mail to get the word out.  Two months ago, Be Savvy converted our website to their system, which both updated the look as well as making the website more user-friendly.

I have had no experience or training with working with websites, so I had been completely dependent on another.  After a 40 minute educational training session over the phone, I was ready to go and the changes have been amazing.  It is so easy to update any part of the website, with font templates to keep it all consistent but plenty of freedom for my own creativity.  I was creating new links, changing text and uploading photos to the website on the first day.  One of the things I noticed immediately is that the program is very "safe" (think Quicken) and clear to use, and I know that I am not about to create a problem I can't fix. 

Be Savvy has been right there for me when I have had any questions and I have to say, they have been few and far between.  If the issue required a modification from their end, they have been extremely prompt in taking care of it.

The West Newbury Riding and Driving Club now has a website that is ideal, right down to the dotted i's and crossed t's, and so adaptable: my updates and changes take me only a few moments. I look forward to working on it now, instead of dreading asking others for help or staring helplessly at outdated information on the site.  For example, competitors are now able to go to our website for daily updates on their status.  I look forward to the ways we can grow and expand our site, including allowing other volunteers to update their specific section of the site.  I am not one to hand out compliments arbitrarily but I have been so pleased with this system that I asked Be Savvy if I could please write them a testimonial! 

- Amy Bresky, Chair & Event Secretary
West Newbury Riding and Driving Club &
Pipestave Hill Horse Trials Series