Group Rights

Users may be assigned to groups.  Those groups can then be given rights within the CMS much like a user can be assigned rights.  This is useful for sites with a large number of users.  You simply assign the group rights, then add users to the group.  Those users will instantly inherit all rights given to the group.

Managing group rights is done from the user tab of the savvy tools interface.  

From the main interface you may create new groups, edit the groups, remove a group or assign users.

When creating a new group the interface is identical to the User Rights interface.

To edit a group click on that groups name.  The editing interface is also identical to the user rights management interface.

To select users that should belong to the group click on the users link next to the appropriate group name.  You can add and remove any user from this screen.  You can also manage which groups a user belongs to from the user tab.