The most common time for errors to appear is when creating and testing new templates. If you encounter an error, please check your includes.cfm file in the actionfiles folder.

Does your includes.cfm file exist in the actionfiles folder?

Does it contain all of the variables required? 

Is your file path correct and include the / at the end of it?

Is your web URL correct including the sub-folder that savvy is installed in (if you installed in a sub-folder)?

Are you using the correct datasource name?  Is that a datasource that is recognized and working in the ColdFusion administrator?

Next, check your objects placed in your templates.

Do you have a header object at or near the top of your template (between the Title tags)?

Do you have at least one Savvy Content Object and does it match the samples in the Template Guide?

Check our forums for more support troubleshooting tips.