Includes.cfm File

When you initially set up Savvy CM you need to specify a few pieces of information for Savvy to work properly.  This information is stored into variables in the includes.cfm file located in the actionfiles folder.  You can edit this file with any text or HTML editor.  Do not modify this file in design view.  Make sure you are editing in HTML view (or its equivalent) only.

NOTE:  The includes.cfm file is cached the first time it is used.  If you make changes you will need to tell Savvy to refresh the cache and look at the revised file.  There are two ways to refresh.  The first is to run the following command on your site.

Where is your web site address.  This tells Savvy to flush the cache and look at the includes.cfm file again. Savvy will also flush cache any time the service is stopped and started, or if the server is rebooted.

Configuring the File

Enter datasource name where indicated.  This is the datasource name you used when making the connection to your database through the ColdFusion administrator.

<cfset datasourceName="YOUR DATASOURCE NAME">

Enter the DB type.  If you have a username and password for the database also enter it.  If not leave these variables empty.

<cfset DBType=”msSQL”> msaccess, mssql, mysql, etc

<cfset DSUsername="">

<cfset DSPassword="">

Enter the full path to the root folder to your web site.

Do not remove the trailing slash.

<cfset basepath="d:\webfolder\rootwebfolder\">

Enter the full web address to your web site including the folder that savvy is installed in.

Do not remove the trailing / slash.

<cfset weburl="">

Specify if you want to show calendar events as a layer over your page or as details above the calendar object.

Layer = dhtml layer and often preferred method

None = default mode of showing events above the object.

<cfset calendarwindowmode="layer">

Enter the admin email contact.  This email contact will get error reports if errors happen within Savvy.

<cfset adminemail="">

Enter the default page title.

<cfset defaultTitle = "Savvy CM, Content Management Made Simple">

Enter the default meta keywords.

<cfset defaultKeywords = "Savvy CM, Content Management Made Simple">

Enter the default meta description.

<cfset defaultDescription = "Savvy CM, Content Management Made Simple">

Note:  Save the includes.cfm  to the "actionfiles" directory of your Savvy CM installation.

CFApplication Name and Session Timeout

It is possible you need to change the application name session timeout or character encoding.  To do this edit the files in /actionfiles/config/.  

By default the name for cfapplication tag is unique to every domain name.  Should you have multiple Savvy installations in the same web site and domain, you will need to edit this file (version 6 if you use CFMX 6 and version 7 if you use CFMX 7).  Change #App_name# to something very unique.

Changing the Session Timeout is also done here.  By default it is set to 60 minutes.

<cfapplication name="#app_name#" scriptprotect="none" sessionmanagement="yes" sessiontimeout="#createTimeSpan(0,0,60,0)#">

NOTE: You will normally NOT have to make changes to this file.  Only do this if you are sure changes are needed.