Right-click options for image in page

If you select an image in the editor editable region and right-click it, a pop-up menu will be displayed containing the available action options:


The image contextual menu provides the following operations:

  1. Cut

  2. Copy

  3. Paste

  4. Paste from Word

    Read more about these four options here (the description is for a text selection, but it applies to image selection as well).

  5. Edit Image - select this option if you want to edit to current image. The KTML Image Editor window pop-up. To learn how to use it, read here.

  6. Resize Image - this option becomes enabled only after you changed the dimensions of the image in the Image Properties panel. It will modify the dimensions of the original image on disk to the values you entered. Since it is a server-side operation, you will be asked to make sure if you want to go through with it:


As you noticed, the right-click contextual menu groups together options often needed. Use it whenever you want to save time with accessing certain commands.