How To Upgrade

Upgrading a Savvy CM installation is a two step process.

  1. Backup all files of your website to a safe area.  Especially important are the entire /primarytemplatefiles/ folder, your includes.cfm and savvylicense.cfm and any new skins for the navigation object.

  2. Backup your database.

  3. Upload the new files to the Savvy site.  Check the readme document in the install folder for any specific instructions.  Typically you will be uploading all files except these:

    1. /actionfiles/includes.cfm

    2. /actionfiles/savvylicense.cfm

    3. /actionfiles/config/ - check for any new files here.  If they exist upload.  Don't overwrite existing files.

    4. /index.cfm (your home page)

    5. Anything in /primarytemplatefiles/ that already exists.  We sometimes add new files or folders here, so check for new files or folders and if so upload those. Don't overwrite existing files.

    6. /dnav/cssmenus/skins/ - this is your css for your nav.  Don't overwrite anything you have done here.

  4. Run www.yourdomain.coim/install/.  Click on the upgrade link.  This will update the database with new tables, data, columns and indexes.

  5. Once the upgrade is complete go back to your home page and type this in the URL ?savvyreinit=1 (  This will tell savvy to reinitialize with the new files and database.