Find and replace

the editor editor allows you to find and replace text both in Design and Code view. Click the Find/Replace button from the toolbar or use the shortcut keys "Ctrl+F":


When clicking this button, a window pops-up:


Configure its interface as shown below:

  1. In the Find what text box enter the text to be found and then replaced.
  2. In the Replace with text box enter the text that will replace the one previously found. If you enter nothing and then try to replace text, the replacement will be null, meaning the original text will be deleted.
  3. Check the Match case option if you want the letter case (upper/lower) to be taken into consideration when finding and replacing text.
  4. Check the Match whole word only option if you want to make sure that only whole words will be found/changed, and not also words that happen to contain the piece of text you are trying to find/replace.
  5. By clicking the Find Next button, the next occurrence of the current text (to be found) will be highlighted on page.
  6. Click the Replace button if you want the highlighted text to be replaced (one replacement). If no text is highlight (haven't pressed the Find Next button), the first occurrence of the current text will be replaced with the new text.
  7. Click the Replace All button if you want to replace all the occurrences of the current text with the new suggestion, at once.
  8. By clicking the Cancel button you will stop the find/replace operation and the window will be closed.