Unique Content Objects

There are two types of content objects. Unique objects to a page, or objects that are shared across multiple pages in a section, or across the whole web site.

The unique objects will be most widely used and will contain content unique to that object and page. A unique object type is demonstrated below:

<cfmodule template="../actionfiles/createcontentobject.cfm" Title="UniqueObjectName" ObjectType="Unique" basetemplate_name="#url.basetemplate_name#" page_ID="#url.Page_ID#" stylesheet="#stylesheet#"  bgcolor="ffffff">

There are three attributes to edit:

  1. Title: The title given to this object.  Make this unique if the object isn't shared.

  2. ObjectType: This determines if the content in the object will be shared with other content areas.  See Shared Content Objects for more information.

  3. Bgcolor: This is the default background color shown in the editor.  The default is ffffff which is white. (standard hex colors without the #).  Change this to a different color if you need the editor to preview differently. Such as if you have a footer area that is dark blue, with white text, and you want the editor to preview as such.

NOTE: You only need to update three parameters of this tag. Do not change any other parameters.  The Title of each unique cfmodule needs to be unique. Rename the title to reflect the content area, for example: HomePageCenterContent. Please do not use spaces or other special characters in the object title name.