Small Calendar View

This shows a small monthly calendar, without event details; useful for a preview of the full calendar. It will show the current month and shade the colors of days where events are taking place. To change the colors of the calendar, refer to our style sheets section.

<cfmodule template="../actionfiles/createcalendarobject.cfm" Title="EventCalendar" UniqueObject="yes" CalendarName="EventCalendarName" basetemplate_name="#url.basetemplate_name#" page_ID="#url.Page_ID#" viewmode="small">

Rename the title and name to reflect the calendar content, for example: EventCalendar. Please do not use spaces in the object title name. Also set the viewmode to ‘small’. No other parameters should be changed.

Note: Set the CalendarName attribute to 'all' if you want to show all information from all calendars in the Savvy system.  As an example, if you have 3 calendars in the site.  Named calendar1, calendar2, calendar3.  You can show 3 mini views with three objects, each having CalendarName="calendar[x]" as appropriate.  If you have CalendarName="all" it will show based on the data in all 3 calendars in the site.

If you use the same name in multiple templates the calendars will share data. If the names are unique they will not share event data.