Navigation Object

This navigation object builds a DHTML CSS driven nav bar for your web sites.  You can have as many of the nav objects in a template as you like.

<cfmodule template="../actionfiles/createnavobject.cfm" style="arktic_orange" layout="horizontal" navname="WhateverNameYouWant">


In this object you specify three things. 

Style: which is the name of the folder where the style sheet for this object exists.  It is located in /actionfiles/dnav/cssmenues/skins/[stylefolder].  So in the example above there is a folder in the skins folder called /arktic_orange/ which has a style sheet you can modify or use as is.

Layout: there are three options.  Horizontal, Horizontal2, and Vertical.

·  Horizontal (goes across the top, with sub items dropping down)

·  Horizontal2  (goes across the top, with sub items only 1 level deep.)

·  Vertical (goes down, with sub items opening to the right)

Navname: This is the name you give the navigation element.  It should be the same on all nav objects that should share the same data.  If you want two nav objects on the same template (and thus the same page) you would have two different names.

You may edit or create new style sheets easily.  Copy an existing skin folder such as  arktic_orange and paste it in with a new name.  Next open the menu.css file and search/replace the text 'arktic_orange' with your new skin name.  Make sure the new folder name and skin name is the same.  As an example, if you copied arktic_orange and made a new skin you could name the new folder 'brilliant_yellow', then in the menu.css file, search and replace 'arktic_orange' with 'brilliant_yellow' and you are all set.   Next modify the CSS at will. 

You do not need to rebuild pages to see the new CSS modifications, however if you change your nav object to have a different layout or a different name/style you will need to rebuild that template.


NOTE: We supply you with a number of sample styles, but don't hesitate to create your own.  The easiest way to do that is to copy an existing style then edit it.