List Calendar View


This shows a list of events, without event details; useful for a preview of the full calendar.

<cfmodule template="../actionfiles/createcalendarobject.cfm" Title="EventCalendar" UniqueObject="yes" CalendarName="EventCalendarName" basetemplate_name="#url.basetemplate_name#" page_ID="#url.Page_ID#" viewmode="list" listsize="10">


Rename the title and name to reflect the calendar content, for example: EventCalendar. Please do not use spaces in the object title name. Also set the viewmode to ‘small’. No other parameters should be changed. Set the listsize attribute to the max number of items to show in the list.  It will show events from the current date forward until it shows the max number specified in listsize.  Again, set the calendarname attribute to 'all' if you want to show all information from all calendars in the Savvy system.