Large Calendar View


This shows a full monthly view of a calendar with event titles showing up in the correct day. The display automatically changes the layout according to the current month.


<cfmodule template="../actionfiles/createcalendarobject.cfm" Title="EventCalendar" UniqueObject="yes" CalendarName="EventCalendarName" basetemplate_name="#url.basetemplate_name#" page_ID="#url.Page_ID#" viewmode="full">


Rename the title and name to reflect the calendar content, for example: EventCalendar. Please do not use spaces in the object title name. Also set the viewmode to ‘full’. No other parameters should be changed.

If you use the same name in multiple templates the calendars will share data. If the names are unique they will not share event data.

Remember, if you would like to show a small calendar view on your home page and link to the large calendar view and have both feature the same content both object title names need to remain the same such as in the example above.

Again, set the calendarname attribute to 'all' if you want to show all information from all calendars in the Savvy system.