How Savvy Templates Work

Savvy CM uses HTML templates as the layout for pages built and edited/managed using Savvy.  These templates can be designed in any way that is required.  You may use HTML table structure or CSS positioning for the layout of your templates and use any tool to create them such as Dreamweaver, BBEdit, Notepad, CFEclipse, etc.  They can have as many content objects (or as few) as desired.  Any actual content that is to be edited by an end user should not be placed into the template.  Rather that content should be entered after the template is made and registered with the Savvy CM installation.

Once the template has been made, it is registered with the Savvy CM installation through the manage templates interface within Savvy CM.  After it is registered, users are assigned rights to create pages using that template.  Once a user has rights to create pages using that template the user clicks on 'add page' in their Savvy Tools interface.  When a user chooses to add a page, they choose the template to use from a list that has been authorized for them by the Savvy Administrator.  Once the user chooses that template, they name their page, and Savvy CM does the rest.  A new page is created and placed on the web server using the layout and design designated in the template.

See an example template.