Savvy Variables:

The following variables are created by Savvy and used throughout the site.

application.savvycm -  Structure
This struct contains the varables from includes.cfm and the components for cfc's.  

session.savvy - Structure  
This struct contains session information for each person using the site.  End users that are not logged in have a session, though that session information has little in it.


There are two components made available through Savvy at this time.  More will be made available as time goes on.

application.savvySecurity - the component.

application.savvySchedule - the actionfiles.cfc.schedule component.

Calling a function looks a bit like:

<cfset getsecurity=application.savvySecurity.UserReadByUserPass('#session.savvy.username#','#session.savvy.password#',session.savvy)


<cfif getsecurity.recordcount GT 0>user exists</cfif>


<cfset getRights = application.savvySecurity.ContentReadByContentObjectIDGroup(myobjectID, session.savvy)>

For a full API of Savvy CM visit: