Search Object

The search object is used to provide the results of a search on your site.  The search object will search across all content objects currently in use and published.  It will output a short summary of the content, as well as a link to the page.

<cfmodule template="../actionfiles/createsearchobject.cfm">

Typically the search object above is put into its own template.  Then a page is created from that template called 'search_results.cfm' or something similar.  You have search forms on other pages that point to the page made from that template.  An example of a typical search form is:

 <form action="/search_results.cfm" method="post">
          <input type="text" name="searchterms" size="15">
          <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Search Now">

The input type should be set to text and the name of the input needs to be searchterms.  This is important, as that is what Savvy will be looking for.  If your search results page is showing blank, that would indicate that it isn't getting the form field it is expecting.