By clicking the Spellcheck button, a window will pop-up and help you streamline the spellchecking process:


the editor spellchecker allows you to:


Configure the Spellcheck interface as shown below:


  1. Not in dictionary display item - displays the word found on page which does not appear in the dictionary.

  2. Replace with text box - displays the word selected to replace the word that does not exist in dictionary.

  3. Suggestions list - based on the incorrect word found on page, one or more variants will be proposed as replacements.

  4. Language drop-down menu - select from the available languages the one you want the editor to consider when performing the spellcheck operation.

  5. Ignore button - ignore the current occurrence of the selected word.

  6. Ignore All button - click this button to ignore all occurrences of the word.

  7. Add to Dict. button - click this button to add the current "misspelled" word to the dictionary.

  8. Change button - change the current occurrence of the selected word with the value displayed in the Replace with text box.

  9. Change All button - replace all instances of the word that are encountered with the selected suggestion.

  10. Close button - close the user interface and abort the spellchecking process.

  11. Help button - open the contextual help window.