Insert button

In order to insert a button inside a form in page (or even independent from the form) click the Button button from the toolbar:


Note: If the cursor is not placed inside a form (inside the red dotted border) a dialog box will be displayed asking whether to add the form as well.

Buttons perform actions when clicked, and these actions usually involve submitting forms. Set advanced button options by using the Button Properties panel.

Button Properties

The Button Properties panel is displayed when you select (click on) a button inserted in your page. It corresponds to the <INPUT> tag in the Tag Selector:


To configure this panel, follow the instructions below:

  1. In the Element ID text box enter the value for the id attribute. It will uniquely identify the element (button) in page.

  2. In the Label text box enter the text that will be displayed on the button.

  3. The Action radio group offers three possibilities regarding what happens when the button is clicked: