Insert textarea

In order to insert a textarea inside a form in page (or even independent from the form) click the Textarea button from the toolbar:


Note: If the cursor is not placed inside a form (inside the red dotted border) a dialog box will be displayed asking whether to add the form as well.

After inserting it, you can set it to display content on a single line, on multiple lines, or display password content. This, and other settings can be done with the Textarea Properties panel.

Textarea Properties

The Textarea Properties panel is displayed when you select (click on) a textarea inserted in your page. It corresponds to the <TEXTAREA> tag in the Tag Selector:


To configure this panel, follow the instructions below:

  1. In the Element ID text box enter the value for the id attribute. It will uniquely identify the element (textarea) in page.

  2. In the Char Width text box set the maximum number of characters that can be displayed on a textarea row (in other words, it's the textarea width, given in characters).

  3. In the Num Lines text box set the height of the textarea (the number of rows visible at one time).

  4. From the Type drop-down menu select a type for the current textarea:

  5. The Wrap drop-down menu is only enabled when the textarea is a multi-line one. It specifies how the input will be displayed. The available options are:

  6. In the Init Val text box enter the value that should be displayed in the textarea when the form loads.