Insert form

In order to insert an HTML form (empty at first) in your page click the Form button from the toolbar:


Once inserted, the form will be indicated by a doted red outline. You can set form options by using the Form Properties panel.

Form Properties

The Form Properties panel is displayed when you click inside a form (inside the doted red outline) or when the <FORM> tag is selected in the Tag Selector:


To configure this panel, follow the instructions below:

  1. In the Element ID text box enter the value for the id attribute. It will uniquely identify the element (form) in page.

  2. In the Action text box enter the URL to the page that will process the form.

  3. In the Target drop-down menu select in what window you want the returned data to be displayed:

  4. In the Method drop-down menu select the method to be used when sending the form data to the server:

  5. In the Enctype drop-down menu select the encoding type of the data submitted to the server: