The edit button for the navigation object allows the user to modify parts of the navigation bar. You may have multiple navigation objects in a site, which may share data or be unique, depending on how your template is designed.  

Specifically the user has the following options (depending on their user rights for that object):

: Edit the text of the navigation element.  You can also edit the linked page/URL and specify the type of window it will open in.

: Add a new navigation element.  Click on the purple + on the element you want to add a new item to.  Then choose a title, name of the page or web address to link to, and if that navigation element will be created as a sub menu item or in the current menu structure.

: Removes a current navigation element entirely.

: Moves an element up the nav bar list or to the left if displayed horizontally.

: Moves an element down the nav bar or to the right if displayed horizontally.